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    News and Events

    News and Events

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    “A brave heart serves justice, and a sharp mind produces eloquence. You should have enough courage and wisdom to meet the risks and challenges, finding certainty in uncertainty,” professor Hu Baijing, the vice president of Renmin University and executive dean of the School of Journalism& Communication, addressed freshmen at the school's opening ceremony.


    The opening ceremony of class 2020 freshmen of Journalism School of Renmin University was held on the first floor of Public Teaching Building on September 25. All 170 undergraduate freshmen, 152 master freshmen, faculty and staff of Journalism School attended the ceremony, and doctoral freshmen attended online. The opening ceremony was presided over by Professor Zhou Yong, the party secretary and vice dean of Journalism School.


    Professor Hu Baijing, the vice president of RUC and executive dean of Journalism School of Renmin University, delivered a speech


    Professor Hu Baijing, the vice president and executive dean of Journalism School of Renmin University, delivered a speech


    First, walk on the main road, walk on the right road. This is where we came from and where we will go in the future.


    Second, cultivate professional qualities. Professional ethics and competence are not formed overnight. The more the threshold of information production and distribution has been flattened, the more it is necessary to cultivate yourself with professional ideals.


    Third, read more to light yourself up; communicate more to learn to accept diversity and achieve yourself through mutual inspection; make your life meaningful through improving your understanding and judgment, and reestablish the meaning of life in reflection.


    Professor Peng Lan spoke on behalf of the faculty. She encouraged freshmen to be open to challenges and setbacks. "Uncertainty increases dramatically, but it's also a chance to show your ability. In such an era when everyone has channels to express themselves and everything is connected, professional people are needed to stand their ground,” she said.


    Professor Peng Lan spoke on behalf of the faculty


    Professor Li Biao, the representative of the faculty, congratulated and welcomed the freshmen. He hoped that the freshmen could:


    First, set high expectations. "Direction is more important than speed and efforts. College is not the end of high school for you to entertain, but a new start of life for you to step into the real society.”


    Second, think independently and critically. "There are two levels of reading: one is to read in, reading thoroughly and clearly; The second is to come out, stepping away from the book as a detached outsider and examining the content of the book. Not blindly follow what has been read but focus on the facts, and ask why." 


    Third, be grateful. "If you know how to be grateful, you will not be spiritually empty because of abundant materials, but learn and live happily." 


    Professor Li Biao spoke on behalf of the faculty


    He Sihao, the representative of undergraduate freshmen and Zhao Yawei, the representative of postgraduate freshmen of class 2020 gave speeches in turn.


    He Sihao called on new students to take journalists on the front line of the national fight against COVID-19 as the learning goal, and "more firmly cultivate comprehensive qualities, hone professional abilities, and become a journalist who can lead the times with excellent professional abilities,” he said.



    He Sihao, the representative of 2020 undergraduate freshmen,

     made a speech


    Zhao Yawei, a freshman in the 2020 Master's Olympic Communication program, shared how to create self-worth and meaning in college life. "We need to acquire self-worth and meaning. College is a new 'game' map of life. There may be no standard answers to many questions, but it gives us the opportunities to define our own infinite possibilities,” she said.


    Zhao Yawei, the representative of 2020 postgraduate freshmen,

    made a speech


    After the opening ceremony, Professor Zhou Yong, the secretary of the party committee and vice dean of the School of Journalism, taught the freshmen "The First Lesson of the New Term" with the topic of "Background and Direction of J-School of Renmin University.” 


    Professor Zhou Yong, the secretary of the party committee and vice dean of the School of Journalism, taught the freshmen "The First Lesson of the New Term" 


    He led the freshmen to review the school and discipline history of the Journalism School of Renmin University, as well as the development plan and talent training system of the Journalism School in the new era, encouraging the freshmen to realize the construction of knowledge system with the nourishment of multiple disciplines and to become the best  of themselves with greatest resources and platforms. "It is the confluence of the three schools that has created the inclusiveness of the Journalism School of Renmin University. We should stick to our subjectivity, respect diversity, and become a true 'Journalism  Family'."



    Text / Zou Meiyu

    Photo / Zhang Qiyun,Gao Yang,Wang Mengdan

    Editor / Yuhao Li

    Translator/Ziyan Ruan