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    Exchange and Visite

    Exchange and Visite

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    Renmin students are encouraged to apply for exchange programs. By studying abroad, students enhance their understanding of different countries and cultures, and obtain a more international perspective on their field of study.

    1. University-level exchange programs

    • China Government Scholarship programs

    • RUC Scholarship Programs

    • Exchange programs with RUC sister schools

    • Summer and winter exchange programs

    2. School-level exchange programs

    The School of Journalism and Communication has exchange programs with the following distinguished departments:

    • Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California

    • School of Journalism at the University of Missouri

    • Faculty of Communication Sciences at Anadolu University (Erasmus+ program

    • School of Communications at Hong Kong Baptist University

    • The Department of Media and Communication at Erasmus University Rotterdam